Allergic Reaction to Bed Bugs Pictures

People often confuse bed bug bite allergies with other types of allergies. When a bedbug bites, it leaves a fairly distinctive and easily identifiable bite on the skin. Sometimes these stings have an allergic reaction, which manifests itself with redness and itchiness around the sting. In this post we will share the best allergic Reaction to bed bugs pictures so that you have more clarity about what these types of allergies look like.

Bed Bug Allergy Pictures

As we all know, bed bugs feed on blood. They do this with the help of their proboscis, which is a kind of elongated beak. When biting, bedbugs inject an anesthetic into the skin, so people do not feel anything at the time of the bite.

The most common symptoms are small red bumps that are very itchy. These bumps are often distributed in a zig zag pattern, although they can also be in a straight line. Symptoms of itching appear from 10 minutes to 2 hours after the bite, it all depends on the sensitivity of each person’s skin.

The first image contains 4 photos with bedbug bites on different parts of the body. It is possible to appreciate the reactions in the back, hand, and neck. In some cases, the redness or erythematous area can extend several centimeters from the bite.


Allergic Reaction to Bed Bugs Pictures

Generally, the lesions are not painful and usually heal in a few days, without the need to do anything. On other occasions the bites can become quite inflamed from the scratching and it is necessary to use topical anti-histamines to relieve the swelling.

However, there are also people within the population who have a genetic predisposition to suffer an anaphylactic reaction or type 1 hypersensitivity reaction. These individuals are called atopic subjects.

The following image shows the mild allergic reaction on the back of a woman’s neck. A large reddened area is seen from various bites.


bed bug allergic reaction


Each sting manifests itself differently, and the affected person must learn to recognize the different types of skin lesions caused by insect stings.

On the other hand, until today there are no known diseases transmitted by bedbugs. So you could say they do not represent any health risk. However, bedbugs have become a problem, since their bites are quite annoying and aesthetically they look very bad.

The next image contains 2 photos that clearly show the redness several centimeters from the bite.


bed bug bites reaction


If your bites are compatible with bed bug bites, you should take measures against bed bugs such as cleaning and disinfection. You can also use commercial products against bedbugs, however, you should be clear about their use for different situations.

The following is an image of a model who suffered a bedbug bite during a trip from Barcelona-Spain to Lima-Peru. The image shows welts from bed bug bites with allergies around them, especially in the neck.


woman with allergic reaction

Bed Bug Bites Allergic Reaction Pictures

The bites can be severe or they can be mild. The most exposed parts of the body are the most affected. Avoid scratching too much as the lesions can leave a reddish-brown stain on the skin.

This image shows a lot of bites on a man’s back. This poor man was beaten up!


allergic reaction to bed bug bites on back


If your situation is severe bed bug infestation, it is best to call a specialist for information or the nearest fumigation company.

The next image shows a reddened area of the skin with several bedbugs at different stages of development.


pics of allergic reaction to bed bug bites


The key to preventing bed bug bites is to prevent the insects from entering, feeding, and reproducing in human environments. Special care should be taken when traveling, or when visiting neighbors. You should also be careful in places such as apartment or condominium buildings, large office spaces, hotels, vacation apartments, cruise ships, and nurseries, among others. 

In the following image, we can see the neck of a man. The reddened area is due to multiple bites together.


Bed Bug Allergy Picture

Bed Bug Rash Photos

A rash occurs when bed bug bites are close together. In this case, the affected area is made up of a group of bumps. The swelling covers a large area and may look like a large red spot.

The following image shows the back of another person who has been bitten by bedbugs. In this case, the number of bites is much higher and has caused a rash in all areas of the back. You can also see the reddish-brown spots produced by so much scratching.

Bed Bug Rash Photo

To prevent a rash, avoid scratching the affected area so that the rash does not develop into a major skin infection. If this occurs, have a medical professional evaluate and treat the rash. 

In the following image, we can see a rash on the face of a baby caused by bedbug bites. 

Bed Bug Rash in face of a baby
Image from all rights reserved

Treatments for bed bug bites

Indicated treatments are skin cream containing hydrocortisone and an oral antihistamine, such as diphenhydramine. Other helpful home remedies and over-the-counter solutions include calamine lotion, hydrocortisone cream applied to the affected area, ice packs, and a course of antibiotics recommended by your doctor.


Bed bug bites heal easily in most people. However, there are people who are hypersensitive and tend to have allergies. With these images, you can better guide yourself in case of an allergy or rash. There are several treatments used in case of bed bug bites. The most common treatment is calamine cream on the bites. If you have pain, exudate, or a bad smell, it is best to seek medical advice. See you soon!

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