Allergic Reaction to Bed Bugs Pictures

When a bedbug bites, it leaves a fairly distinctive and easily identifiable bite on the skin. Sometimes these stings have an allergic reaction, which manifests itself with redness and itchiness around the sting.

People often confuse bed bug bite allergies with other types of allergies. For this reason today we want to share some pictures of allergic reactions to bed bugs bites.  These images will give you more clarity about what allergies caused by these types of bites look like.

Bed Bug Allergic Reaction Pictures

The first image contains 4 photos with bedbug bites on different parts of the body. It is possible to appreciate the reactions in the back, hand, and neck. In some cases, the redness or erythematous area can extend several centimeters from the bite.


Allergic Reaction to Bed Bugs Pictures


There are people with hypersensitivity in the skin. These people tend to have allergic reactions to the bites of different insects. Each sting manifests itself differently, and the affected person must learn to recognize the different types of skin lesions caused by insect stings.

In most cases, the injuries are not painful and usually heal within a few days. But remember, if your stings are painful or have exudate of any kind, you should immediately go to the doctor.

The following image shows the mild allergic reaction on the back of a woman’s neck. A large reddened area is seen from various bites.


bed bug allergic reaction pictures


If your bites are compatible with bed bug bites, you should take measures against bed bugs such as cleaning and disinfection. You can also use commercial products against bedbugs, however, you should be clear about their use for different situations.

The next image contains 2 photos that clearly show the redness several centimeters from the bite.


bed bug bites allergic reaction pictures


If your situation is severe bed bug infestation, it is best to call a specialist or the nearest fumigation company.

The following is an image of a model who suffered a bedbug bite during a trip from Barcelona-Spain to Lima-Peru. The image shows welts from bed bug bites with allergies around them, especially in the neck.


allergic reaction to bed bug bites pictures

Bed Bug Bites Allergic Reaction Pictures

The bites can be severe or they can be mild. The most exposed parts of the body are the most affected.

This image shows the image of bedbug bites on a man’s back. This poor man was beaten up!


pictures of allergic reaction to bed bug bites

So far we’ve shown you 5 good pictures of allergic reaction to bed bug bites. But if you are looking for an image that has the redness and also that shows the bedbugs in it, we have the perfect image for you.

The image shows a reddened area of the skin with several bedbugs at different stages of development.

pics of allergic reaction to bed bug bites


We hope that with these images you can easily identify the allergic reactions produced by bedbugs. Once again, if your welts are painful and have exudate, you should see a doctor.

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