The Best Pictures of Bed Bug Bites on Skin

Currently there are many people who still don’t know the symptoms of bedbugs. These insects have been with us for centuries, and were almost eradicated after the First World War thanks to the widespread use of DDT. However, with the ban on DDT and the increase in international travel and immigration, bed bugs are making a comeback. With these pictures of bed bug bites on skin you will be able to quickly identify the presence of this parasite in order to take measures to prevent its proliferation.

Pictures of Bed Bug Bites on Skin

Bed bug bites appear as red, itchy bumps. Typically, bites tend to occur in exposed areas during sleep, as bed bugs seek to attack exposed skin. Usually appear on the hands, arms, back, and legs. Although they can appear in different areas of skin.

People usually don’t notice these signs until excessive itching occurs along with oval-shaped insect bite marks that are often mistaken for mosquito or flea bites.

The presence of welts on the skin is usually the first sign of bed bug infestation. The red protuberances are very characteristic and easily identifiable. With the help of the following images, you can distinguish them from other types of welts caused by bites of other insects.

Pictures of Bed Bug Bites On The Back

In the first image, you can see the bumps caused by bed bug bites on a woman’s back. The linear pattern of bites can be seen on the upper back.

Pictures of Bed Bug Bites on Skin

When bed bugs bite they inject various substances. The main one is an anesthetic substance that prevents the person from feeling when stung. They also secrete another chemical which causes blood vessels in the skin to dilate and fill with blood.

They also release an enzyme called Apyrase, which helps to prevent blood vessels from repairing the sting site. These parasitic bugs even produce their own antimicrobial agents that prevent them from catching infections.

In the next image, you can see the welts in the lower back area of a woman. In this case, you can also see the linear pattern which corresponds to the trail of the bed bug when it walks.

Pic of Bed Bug Bites on the back

These bites often go unnoticed until red, itchy marks develop that may look like a skin rash. Usually appear as groups of several bites in a line or zigzag pattern. However, bed bug bites can also have a difuse pattern. This can happen when bed bugs attack in groups.

In the following image, you can see a group of bites on a person’s back caused by various bed bugs.

Bites on the back

Bed bug bites are similar to chigger bites. Chiggers are a form of mite that injects components to liquefy and eat the skin.

In the following image, we can see the high back of a person. It’s full of bites. When the protuberances appear, the itchiness is quite annoying.

Pic of Bed Bug Bites on high back

In the fifth image, we can see the back of another woman. In this case, the pattern is zigzag, although it is not very well defined.

image of Bed Bug Bites on Skin

Pics Of Bed Bug Bites On Human Skin

Images of Bed Bugs On Arms

Bed bugs have become a major public health problem in the United States. Other countries are also reporting a lot of cases. It’s worrying that these cases are on the rise around the world. That is why early identification is the best way to fight bed bugs.

The following image shows the arm of a boy. The arm has been affected quite a bit. The bumps are seen in a diffuse way, apparently, it has been attacked by a number of bed bugs.

photo of bed bug bites on skin

Bed bugs can’t just be under your bed or under your mattress. It is also possible to find them in the office, in hotels and even on airplanes.

That is why it is advisable to check your clothes and luggage when you travel. This will help determine that you are not carrying unwanted passengers.

The seventh image contains a person’s forearm that contains red bumps from bed bug bites.

bites on arm

In the past, bed bugs were believed to transmit various diseases. However, recent studies show that bed bugs do not transmit any disease. The main reason to control bed bugs, aside from bites, is the variety of side effects of bites. Not only bites but the simple presence of the creature can cause allergic reactions, including asthma.

Here is another image of another arm of a young person bitten by bed bugs.

arm with bed bug bites

Photos of Bed Bugs On Legs

If your house, or the place where you stayed, has a big problem with bed bugs, they can attack in droves.
Such is the case of the person in the following image, who has been stung on both of her legs. Product of an attack carried out by a large group of bedbugs.

legs with a lot of bites

Other signs that you have bed bugs in your home are blood stains on the sheets. It is also possible to find small black spots that are bed bug feces.

The following image is of the leg of a person who has been bitten by bed bugs. Depending on the area of the bite, the itching is more intense.

leg with bed bug bites

Avoid scratching too much, as this can damage the skin. You can also carry bacteria from your nails and infections can occur.

The treatment for bites consists of topical calamine-based or corticosteroid creams together with oral antihistamines. If you have an allergic reaction or symptoms persist seek medical assistance.

Here’s another picture of someone else’s leg with multiple bed bug bites.

man's leg with bites

Bed Bug Bites On Feet

To eliminate bed bugs, several measures must be taken. The first one is hygiene and cleanliness. All surfaces should also be vacuumed with the help of a handheld vacuum. There are some home remedies that used in conjunction with a good cleaning can help you eliminate bedbugs. If you have problems with bedbugs, the best alternative is to request information from a pest control service, they are experts and will know what to do.

In our last image, we can see the bites along a man’s ankle. An area that most people tend to leave uncovered when they sleep. This is a type of bite that can easily be mistaken for a chigger bite. This is because this area is preferred by chiggers.

Bed Bug Bites On Feet

How to Prevent Bed Bugs?

These are some prevention measures to avoid bedbugs:

  • Do not bring furniture, headboards, mattresses, and others that you find on the streets.
  • Avoid clutter in your room. Dirt and grime create the ideal conditions for bed bugs to thrive. So keep things tidy and try to clean the floor and furniture frequently.
  • Check all used or rented furniture for bed bugs. Only get used or rented furniture from places that have a policy to prevent bed bugs. 
  • Do not put backpacks, purses, or bags on beds, couches, or other sitting areas.
  • When traveling check for bed bugs in your room. Check the sheets, the furniture, or the suitcases. Keep your bags off the bed and check them when you leave the Hotel.
  • In apartments, close cracks around electrical connections and pipes, this will help prevent bed bugs from coming in from side apartments.
  • Be careful when you visit other people, whether they are neighbors or family, they may have bed bugs that can get on your clothes when you sit on their furniture.

These tips will help you keep bed bugs out of your home. This will avoid extra expenses in pest control service. See you soon! 

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