Bed Bug Infestation Pictures – Severe Cases

Today, bedbugs have become a complex public health problem affecting many homes in the United States. Thousands of cases of infestation with this pest occur annually, and worst of all, the cases are on the rise. With these bed bug infestation pictures you can learn how to recognize this plague easily and take action. In all the cases that we will show you, the intervention of a fumigation service has been necessary.

Pictures of Bed Bug Infestation

In the first image, you can see the edge of a mattress with a severe bed bug infestation. Bedbugs can be clearly seen at different stages of development. Dark spots caused by feces are also seen.

Bed Bug Infestation Pictures

In severe cases, it’s possible to find insects everywhere and at different stages of development along with feces. Bedbug feces and blood stains are rust-colored and remain on your bedding when swollen bedbugs are crushed.

In the second image, you can see a bed bugs infestation in the crack of a wall. Bed Bugs have covered the entire crack. Adults can be seen aligned on the left side, while nymphs are on the right side.

bed bug in the wall

Bedbugs can come from different places and are often brought into your home without knowing it. Because they are flat, they can hide in any crack or crevice. Also, they’re always looking for a place that offers darkness, isolation, and protection.

In the next image, you can clearly see the black dots on a wall caused by the feces of bedbugs. There is a large crack at the bottom of the wall, an ideal place for bedbugs to hide. The spots are most noticeable near the crack where they hide.

bed bugs infestation pic

Pics of Bed Bugs Infestation

Waking up with bites and seeing adult forms of these insects are signs that you have bed bugs in your room. Lesions, red spots, and intense itching are symptoms of bed bug bites. If you have any indication of bedbugs in your home, feel free to do a thorough review of everything. For greater effectiveness, it is recommended to do this check-up at night with the light off and a flashlight.

It’s not common to see bedbugs on a person’s skin. However, in the following image, we can see how a bed bug colony has infested the back of a person who, due to his obesity, could not see what was happening in his body.

bed bugs on skin

Start by checking your mattress. You should flip the mattress and check it underneath. You should also check the edges and seams. Then you should check the frames and edges of your bed; don’t forget to check the edges of the header. Remove all drawers and cushions from furniture in the room. Carefully check all seams, cracks, and crevices with a flashlight, just like you did on your bed.

In the next picture, we can see a lot of bed bugs in a wall. Adult males and females, nymphs, eggs, and feces can be seen. To the left of the image, you can see a large adult male. Note the difference between the elongated abdomen of the male and the rounded abdomen of the females.

pics of bed bugs adults

If you have rugs, you should check their edges and seams. Also, you need to remove all the switch plates and outlet covers so you can see if there are bedbugs on the walls. Look behind the baseboards if possible.

In the sixth image we can see a nest of bed bugs in a carpet. Insects of different sizes can be seen, indicating that there are both adult forms, as well as eggs and nymphs.

infestation of bed bugs in bed

The most recommended to avoid bedbugs is to avoid clutter. Since this makes it easier for bedbugs to hide and it is more difficult to get rid of them. For this reason, it is recommended to organize and clean before doing the treatment with chemical products.

In the next image, you can see another bed bug infestation with a large number of adult forms. A few nymphs are also seen.

bed bug infestation adults

The best treatment for bed bugs is proper and thorough cleaning. A deep vacuum cleaning can go a long way in removing eggs and particles from cracks and crevices. In this way, the insecticide can penetrate more deeply. After cleaning you can use vinegar, baking soda, and diatomaceous earth. For more information, visit our article on 15 home remedies to get rid of bed bugs.

In the last picture, we can see a lot of bed bugs in a mattress. The black dots correspond to the feces of these insects.

severe bed bug infestation

Lastly, remember not to use a bristle attachment or brush to clean. Brushes can transfer bedbugs to other areas because they stick to the brush. When you finish vacuuming, make sure the vacuum bags are well-sealed and throw them in the trash outside, far from your home. See you soon!

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