Pictures of Male and Female Bed Bugs

Pictures of Male and Female Bed Bugs

To be an expert in identifying bed bugs, you must learn to differentiate between males and females. For this reason today we want to share with you the best pictures of male and female bed bugs.

The main difference between males and females is that the adult female has a rounded abdominal tip, while the male has a pointed abdominal tip.

pictures of male and female bed bugs

pic of male and female bed bugs

Bed Bugs Reproduction Pics

Bed bugs use a process called traumatic insemination for reproduction. The male breaks the female’s shell to deposit his sperm in a cavity called hemocoel.

The sperm travels through the blood flow from bed bugs to the ovaries and fertilizes the ovules. The female will then go to find a shelter and lay eggs for 6-8 weeks after mating only once.

male and female bed bugs reprodution

Female Bed Bugs Pictures

The adult female bed bug can measure up to 1/3 of an inch long and almost 1/4 of an inch wide. After shedding her nymph skin, the female can mate with an adult male and then begin to lay eggs.

female bed bugs pictures

With only feeding for 5 minutes, the bed bug is already able to lay eggs, because its reproductive power is very high. However, bed bugs can spend more than a year without biting people or animals. This means that bed bugs can spend up to 80% of their lives without feeding.

female bed bugs image

Pics of Female Bed Bugs

Usually, a female will lay a few eggs a day and up to 100 or more eggs during her life. Here we have another beautiful image where you can clearly see the rounded abdomen. Female bed bugs are larger than males because they are usually full of blood.

female bed bugs pic

Male Bed Bugs Pictures

Adult bedbugs are colored between red and brown, are crushed, oval, and have no wings. They also have microscopic hairs that give it the appearance of having fringes.

The life cycle of these ectoparasites begins when the male looks for the female to mate. They do this in the dark since bed bugs are nocturnal insects.

male bed bugs pictures


Bed bugs do not transmit diseases from one person to another, something very curious since they include dozens of pathogens in their mouth. This is another image of a male bed bug. You can easily see his pointed abdomen.


And well friends, these were some images of bed bugs. We hope all these pics are to your liking. With these images, you can easily recognize bed bugs wherever you are. So see you soon!


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